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The Toronto Bubble Tea Battle

Bubble tea and I go way back. It was the early 2000’s, not long after bubble tea emerged as a standalone commodity in Montreal. In the streets of our tiny Chinatown - a neighbourhood barely spanning 2 square blocks - my university friends and I spent most of our nights parked at famed bubble tea lounge, L2. There, we studied and played Big 2 into the wee hours of the night, all whilst slowly sipping radioactive-like liquids through giant straws out of colossal mugs that would put German beer halls to shame. Those were the good old days where $3.85 bought you your weight in bubble tea, and no one cared that it was mostly made of sugar and FD&C Yellow #3.

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The Toronto Doughnut Throwdown

The gourmet doughnut. The doughnut is arguably the most accessible pastry in North America; it’s the people’s pastry.

From sharing birthday Timbits with your Kindergarten classmates to your everyday Timmies run, doughnuts (and I guess Tim Hortons?) have always been there for us. It’s the quintessential greasy diner dessert and iconic breakfast of law enforcement champions.

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