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Season's Eatings

Each year ends in much the same fashion. The early morning frantic searches for missing travel accessories. The march with two-weeks worth of luggage through a foot of snow. Braving the construction maze of Union Station. Finally, watching the snow-covered landscape of Eastern Canada quietly roll by my train window. Now, comfortably speeding at 160 km/hr, I am full of anticipation to see all of the people I’ve missed - and to eat all of the special treats exclusively reserved for holiday consumption. There is nothing like going home for the holidays.

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Winter Libations

Holiday parties are times for good friends, good food, and - yes - good drinks.  There’s a dizzying amount of options a host looking to provision the bar.  Do you play it safe with trusted beer and wine?  There’s always winter traditions: mulled wine, well-spiked eggnog, and - if you’re an old British Isle descendant - sherry.  This year, we broke out the cocktail shaker and tried our hand at some winterized renditions of classic cocktails.

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Finding Your Appy Place

The most wonderful time of the year is here. No, it’s not the snow, the gifts, the gingerbread everything, the ugly sweaters, or the equally ugly crowds programmed to spend to Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat. I am not a fan of excessive consumerism, but I am a fan of excessive consumption and the merriment that ensues. The holidays are one of the only times of the year when we are not just invited, but expected, to eat everything.

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