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Beer: The Origin of Civilization?

Until recently, I never held beer in very high esteem. Growing up, I’ve always associated beer with frat boys, beer pong, and trailer parks. To me, beer culture was unrefined and encouraged gross over consumption, leading to boorish behaviour. I shared the Ancient Greeks’ preference for wine and low opinion of beer; it’s a barbarian’s beverage.

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Coffee's (R)evolution

The independent coffee shop - the natural habitat of the hipster. You know the ones: white walls, antique hammered-copper ceiling, dark wood and vintage iron accoutrements. Or, perhaps it's going for a more modern look: clean stainless steel and glass, marble bistro tables, and a simple picture frame proclaiming "keep calm and drink coffee". The baristas sport interchangeable outfits of vintage finds, visible tattoos, and perhaps a spacer or two. Their coffee is single-origin, fair-trade, ethically-sourced, and available for your drinking pleasure prepared from a $20,000, custom-made espresso machine.

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