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The Toronto Bubble Tea Battle

Bubble tea and I go way back. It was the early 2000’s, not long after bubble tea emerged as a standalone commodity in Montreal. In the streets of our tiny Chinatown - a neighbourhood barely spanning 2 square blocks - my university friends and I spent most of our nights parked at famed bubble tea lounge, L2. There, we studied and played Big 2 into the wee hours of the night, all whilst slowly sipping radioactive-like liquids through giant straws out of colossal mugs that would put German beer halls to shame. Those were the good old days where $3.85 bought you your weight in bubble tea, and no one cared that it was mostly made of sugar and FD&C Yellow #3.

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Finding Your Appy Place

The most wonderful time of the year is here. No, it’s not the snow, the gifts, the gingerbread everything, the ugly sweaters, or the equally ugly crowds programmed to spend to Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat. I am not a fan of excessive consumerism, but I am a fan of excessive consumption and the merriment that ensues. The holidays are one of the only times of the year when we are not just invited, but expected, to eat everything.

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Fresh Coffee, Fair Trade, Green Business

It all started with the search for better coffee. A little over three years ago, I moved to Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood. Before my bags were even unpacked, I ventured to find my new local coffee house. I sure had my priorities straight. Merchants of Green Coffee was one of only two in the immediate area, hidden on the side street of a side street. When I walked in and looked around, I knew immediately that I had found a home.

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The Best Toronto Cafe Workspaces

In a world where remote work is becoming the new norm, ‘anywhere’ is now the new office. And while this lifestyle sounds pretty sweet, it comes with its own intricacies. The biggest challenge for independent workers is setting boundaries; when there’s barely any physical separation between work and home, the mental line separating work from life begins to blur.

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The Toronto Doughnut Throwdown

The gourmet doughnut. The doughnut is arguably the most accessible pastry in North America; it’s the people’s pastry.

From sharing birthday Timbits with your Kindergarten classmates to your everyday Timmies run, doughnuts (and I guess Tim Hortons?) have always been there for us. It’s the quintessential greasy diner dessert and iconic breakfast of law enforcement champions.

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