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The Plight of the 4,000 Calorie Diet

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and we’re in the back room of Buca Osteria & Enoteca, where Rob Gentile and David Marcelli carefully direct their small army of chefs on the finer art of cavatelli-making. This is where some of the city’s best pasta is made. And today, it’s being made by an elite team of expertly-trained kids, aged ten and under.

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Stasis: Purveyors of Local Wonders

I’ve always loved farmers’ markets. Who doesn’t, really? The panoply of beautiful, fresh produce and handcrafted artisanal goods - proudly offered directly by the growers and craftspeople themselves - is only a glimmer of the bountiful world beyond our city’s imaginary walls. But it’s the weekly gathering of a community which amplifies the distinctive bustle and buoyancy of the market, reminding us that we are part of something larger than an exchange of dollars for goods. Together, we contribute to a lifeline, a cycle that keeps us all connected, nourished and healthy.

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