Posts in Issue 4: Fitness
Fuck Your Juice Cleanse

With New Year Resolutions fresh in our minds and beach body time just around the corner, it's easy to think of all the tortures we've put our bodies through. It could be that month-long bender. The sweets table at every holiday party. Your prodigious collection of second - and third - helpings. Let's be honest, it wasn't just one month of Bacchanalian indulgence.

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The Foodie's Dilemma

Healthy eating. It's a balancing act that is no small feat. Welcome to the New Year.

As a society, we often associate eating well with eating richly. Just look at any food porn posts to find pictures of flaky pastry, gooey melted cheese, bacon, foie gras - not healthy but so, so seductive. In contrast, look at the food posts of athletes, fitness models, and body builders: steamed greens, plain neutral carbs (if any), and sadly cooked pieces of lean meat (Boiled? Boiled?!). Sure, that diet can propel your body to mythological Greek god/dess proportions, but at what cost to your foodie soul?

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