3 SPOONS is our collective declaration of love to the most basic, vital, and simple of all pleasures: food. Our love letters are the culmination of years of noshing - nay, feasting - contemplating, conversing, indulging, ogling, and immortalizing into photos moments shared by 3 friends who are always hungry.

We’re as hungry for fresh ingredients as we are for fresh thinking.  As hungry for new flavours as we are for familiar comforts and traditions. We endeavour to make food more accessible to all who share our hunger and curiosity by chronicling our adventures and discoveries in the pursuit of perfect bites.

Welcome to our table.

Grab a spoon, raise it high, and dig in.



Nick doesn’t believe in recipes; the art of cooking is improvisational jazz, not an exact science. But that doesn't stop him from sating an equal hunger for understanding the "why?" of food. Both the history and the science of food fascinates Nick, leading to impromptu food facts and perhaps one too many kitchen gadgets on the counter.

But, above all, Nick is equal parts gourmand and gourmet. Always hungry - even after a hearty meal - he believes that the main purpose of travel is to eat. While many ponder the meaning of life and one's place in it, Nick worries about what to cook for dinner.

He is no stranger to the kitchen or writing about food. Nick's first foray into the kitchen was at the age of 8 (scrambled eggs for the family). He's since built upon the fundamentals of a home chef with classes at George Brown, copious self study and videos, and mad science-experimentation. He was the author of a successful Paleo-oriented food & exercise blog, and is the developmental chef of Wabi Sabi Culinary Corp.


After more than a decade of working in the corporate world, Kim walked away from a prestigious ad agency in 2015 to launch Wabi Sabi Culinary Corp.  Since then,  Wabi Sabi Musubis, a mobile musubi stall, has spread the joy of delectable, and adorable, snacks to outdoor festival-goers throughout Toronto.

Kim’s earliest fascination with food can be traced back to Sunday afternoons watching Julia Childs and Yan Can Cook on PBS with her brother (coincidentally also named Jan, pronounced “Yan”) at the impressionable age of 6. Though she, at the time, did not believe she could cook like Yan, she did cheer on as Jan, perched on a stool in front of the stove, had mastered the art of the scrambled egg by the age of 7.

The culinary adventures continued.  From street food tours during a solo trip to Asia, living and surrounding herself with food nerds, succumbing to the inevitable genetic Asian stereotype of documenting everything eaten in photos, and marrying a man with whom memories would be recalled by what they ate -they’ve all fed her passion and hunger for more.

Kim lives in Toronto with Nick, and an elevator ride away from Abhi.  And now she can indeed cook like Yan.


Abhi owes his passion for food to his family, who never stopped encouraging him to experiment and create new tastes. Through this, Abhi was able to create his own identity in the kitchen. He showed a keen interest in recipe development - the gateway to the beginning of a never-ending culinary journey.

A Calgary native, Abhi's love for food took him to George Brown Culinary School at the heart of Toronto. There, he unearthed a hidden passion for food styling and photography. For Abhi, recipes didn't need to just be tasty; they needed to be visually appealing. Food photography became his outlet, a translation of his passion for food and styling through his own lens.

For 3 Spoons, as well as his own business, Abhi combines a love for the culinary arts and photography to present a modern view of everyday favourites.